Your Wedding at Town Hall Hotel


They lived happily ever after...


But in every good fairy-tale, first comes the wedding feast and your wedding day is a story you'll be telling to friends, family, children and grandchildren in the years to come.

Town Hall Hotel can help create your perfect day. Whether you're looking for fairy-tale magic, or contemporary urban glamour, we can provide a stunning setting, fabulous food and all the support you need for a stress-free wedding that's exactly the way you want it.

Every one of our rooms is licensed for marriage, so you can hold the ceremony and the reception exactly where you want them. From the formal splendor of the Council Chamber to the elegance of Bethnal Hall or even the contemporary cutting edge design of the De Montfort Suite - we have beautiful, inspirational spaces. THH is completely flexible: if you want us to organise every detail, from flowers to photography, or from creche to string quartet, we will; if you've been planning exactly what canapes you want for the last ten years - no trouble.

While other weddings struggle with dull buffets or imperfectly-cooked dinners, your food will be created by some of Britain’s most exciting chefs, whose perfectionism and creative genius is legendary.

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Your Menu

— Sample Wedding Menu

Please note menus are subject to change due to seasonal ingredients and the Chef's current selections.

Floor Plans

  Size Reception Theatre Dinner & Dance Dinner
Council Chamber 158.1m2 100 100 X 20
Ante-Chamber 51m2 40 X X 20
De Montfort Suite 154.1m2 100 70 40 60
Bethnal Hall* 189.80m2 200 150 100** 120
Mayor's Room 65.6m2 50 40 20 40
Councillor's Room 35.7m2 40 20 X 20
Secretary's Room 52.9m2 50 40 24 40
Deputy's Room 35.6m2 40 20 X 20

*Bethnal Hall comprises of Mayor's Room, Councillor's Room, Secretary's Room and the Deputy's Room
**Subject to removal of tables after dinner

Booking Info

To enquire or hold a space, contact our Events Department: