The flagship suite at Town Hall Hotel has a breath-taking design. Even those used to five-star suites around the world, gasp at first sight. The suite has hosted several celebrity guests, as well as private parties for those who want a uniquely spectacular setting...

Soaring triple-height ceilings stretch high above, while light floods through huge arched windows, splashed with colour from stained-glass panels. At one end of the suite, stand two plaster statues made by the famous sculptor, Henry Poole: Truth holds a mirror, while Happiness carries a comic mask and wine cup.

In such a grand setting, it would be a crime to divide up the space and so a series of architect-designed glass partitions and a brilliant use of lighting preserve the glorious interior, while also creating the necessary privacy for a bedroom, two bathrooms, dining for up to 20, a sitting area and study.

The state of the art kitchen has been furnished to professional standards. Our in-house Chefs can create exceptional menus, served just for you and your guests, as the ultimate in private dining.